Sunday services at Bradley Green

During the interregnum (from July 2023)

We are currently in an interregnum so our normal pattern of services has changed from those indicated below. You can find details of our services during this time by clicking on this link:

Bowbrook Monthly Rota

Services at Bradley Green until further notice

 We would be delighted to see you at any of our acts of worship and welcome you for fellowship before or after the service

Please use the link above to verify that the service is running as scheduled below.

Second Sunday - Holy Communion - 10.30

A service of Holy Communion in modern language.

Fourth Sunday - Morning Service - 10.30

Fifth Sundays - Group Holy Communion - 1030

If there is a 5th Sunday it will be a group event at a selected Church within the Bowbrook group. Keep your eye on the events page or the Bowbrook News magazine for details